Friday, January 27, 2012

Elizabeth lost a tooth

Her tooth has been loose for a while and it finally just popped out this afternoon. In the close up smile you can see that the new adult tooth is already starting to grow in. She is very excited about the tooth fairy coming and leaving her a surprise tonight.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Forgot to put pictures with my post and talk about Abby. Here are our costumes at Halloween and the other picture is Elizabeth and Abby at AIM. Abby goes to preschool there 3 afternoons a week and has a great time.

Hello blogging world!

hello blogging world!
I am going to try blogging again at least once a month. I'm coming back now because my Aunt Barbara posted a message on facebook that she wants to see more blog posts and I am off work this week because I hurt my foot. Once again I rolled my foot (like the post from June of 2009) Last Saturday I was playing tag with Chris, Steven, and the girls at a park and there was a dent in the grass I stepped into it and fell twisting my foot in the process. Chris took me to Kaiser on Sunday because it got all swollen we thought it might be broken but no, the good news is it is just sprained. Hopefully my recovery will only be one week and not two weeks like the last foot injury. So I am keeping off my foot as much as possible and icing it to make the swelling go down.
So now I will try to update things from 10 months ago. I am still working at AIM with children with disabilities but because of budget cuts we are not getting the children refered to the center program and all of our classes have gotten smaller. So to make up more hours and serve more children I am now also a home teacher meaning I go to the homes of the children and work with them there. It keeps me busy. Chris is still working for Caltrains in the swing shift so we can trade off work schedules. He is very good and walks with Elizabeth to school every morning so I can get ready for work. In August Elizabeth started kindergarten and is enjoying school. For Halloween the girls and I were princesses and Chris was our prince. Well technically he was a thief because he was Eugene (Flinn Rider) from Rapunzel. We went to Visalia, CA for Thanksgiving to be with Chris's parents and brother Craig and family. We stayed in San Jose for Christmas with my parents and family. Then drove to Visalia again to spend Elizabeth's 6th Birthday and New Years Eve with family there.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is a picture of the wood on the beach and the girls in their Easter dresses. Enjoy :)

Easter 2011

It has been a while since I blogged, only about two years!! So I will try to not have it be another two years after this entry. Elizabeth is now 5 and Abby is 2 and a half. This Easter weekend Elizabeth got the opportunity to go camping with my parents up at Mt. Madonna. She had a great time, my Mom said she is quite the little camper. My Dad helped her find 15 banana slugs on their nature hike.

Abby stayed home with Chris and I and so she got to dye eggs by herself and spend some good quality one on one time. She talks a lot more without Elizabeth around. Then Saterday afternoon we went up to Mt Madonna to join family for the egg hunt and picnic lunch. The girls had fun finding eggs in the trees and hidden with leaves. Then we went to Rio Del Mar beach. We were just going to go look at the wood that has washed up on shore but Elizabeth wanted to put her feet in the water. Soon we all had our shoes off, pants rolled up and jumping in the waves. The water was very cold but once your feet got numb it was fine.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

July Review

Hello everyone sorry I have not blogged in a while. I will let you know all that happened in July. So in the begining of July we drove to Blackfoot Idaho to visit with Chris's parents and some friends. We got there on the 4th of July and enjoyed the fireworks at a park called Jensens Grove with our niece Ashlie who had been staying with Grandma and Grandpa Dixon in Blackfoot for about three weeks. The rest of the week we spent visiting and doing fun things. We went to a small zoo in Idaho Falls, saw the Titanic exhibit at the museum also in Idaho Falls and took a tour of BYU Idaho in Rexburg. We drove home on the 11th and took Ashlie home to California with us (she lives in Visalia, CA), she was happy to be home and entertained our girls on the way.
Then on the 16th Abby tuned one year old and we had a party for her at my parents house on the 18th. It was a water party and Abby had a great time on the slippin slide a little blow up pool with all the big kids.
On July 26th it was my Birthday and we just had a small celebration with my parents and brother and sister in law.
July 31st we went to see the local baseball team the San Jose Giants play. Elizabeth loves the mascot Gigante and Abby loves being outside. Both girls sat throughout te entire game and had a great time! So that was our fun month of July.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My foot story

Hello so some of you have been wondering what happened to my foot from the comments on facebook so I decided to do a post on our blog to give more detail. Well a little over two weeks ago I was at my parents house outside on their deck. My Mom was holding Abby and Abby started wiggling and she looked like she was going to drop so I ran over to where they were and missed the deck step. I fell and my foot rolled under me and then I landed on it squishing it. So the next day I went to have x-rays and it was not broken but very ouchy just the same. They wrapped it in an ace bandage (the second picture), gave me crutches and pain pills perscription with the thought that it would be about a week recovery. Well it's been over two weeks now and I am still not fully recovered but I am better. After two weeks I went back to Kaiser and got a walking shoe so I could limp around better (the first picture). I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me during this recovery process. Especially my Mom who lent me her wheel chair and shower chair, and my wonderful husband Chris who pushed me around and helped out as much as he could. I am very glad that I am getting better and able to do more things everyday.